ONLINE: Winter retreat - Compassion and emptiness

A mind well cultivated in metta is supreme in beauty

27 December - 3 January

This retreat is for people who have participated in one of the Triratna's foundation/introductory courses and have been meditating for at least 3 years.

The retreat is led by Tejananda (Vajraloka, Wales/UK) supported by Pavarabodhi and Viryabodhi.

Benevolence (metta) and compassion, as taught by the Buddha, are essentially boundless liberations of the mind. The familiar practices with five or six stages are entry points which enable us to engage with our afflictive emotions - liking, disliking, ignoring - and to uncover the true, unlimited nature of the divine abodes. Liberation of the mind from these afflictions, even if temporary, enables us to return to the nature of the boundless qualities as the Buddha himself taught them: a simple, unlimited radiance of love and compassion.

This, in turn, gives us a foundation for opening to the progressive contemplation of emptiness. The Buddha's approach, found in the Lesser Sunnata Sutta, is quite distinct from the more familiar approaches developed by the Mahayana schools. It is less analytical and more direct and experiential. We first explore and discover emptiness in relation to our ordinary experience, then proceed in relation to formless states of meditation, then to the three liberations. It is quite possible to touch upon these qualities in the course of a retreat, but more important than how far you can go in this progression is the direct insight into emptiness which can emerge at any stage.

Over the retreat, we'll explore these wonderful, liberative teachings from a perspective of deep body awareness and in a spirit of open inquiry.

The daily programme for online participants (on Zoom) will be:
07.00-08.00 A single meditation without input
10.30-12.30 Teaching, by Tejananda
16.00 Meditation, likely with a bit of input before or in the practice
20.00-21.00 Led meditation/s, by Tejananda

The cost includes a booking fee of 500 SEK, see terms for registration.

Enter the price you'll be paying below. The reduced price is primarily for students, unemployed, retirees and others with low income. If the reduced price is too high for you, or you would need to pay by instalments, contact the centre and we will find a solution. It is important for us that those who want to participate can do so, regardless of their financial situation. If possible, please consider giving a donation (dana) when booking, which allows us to cover both our costs and to give lower prices to those who need.

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