Winter Retreat with Tejananda, 27 December - 3 January
Dharma deep and wide

This retreat is open to mitras and order members in Triratna.

Dharma practice is transformative. This transformation lies in gradually discovering how both we and the world are not at all what we originally supposed. As a consequence, we begin to uproot the causes of dukkha. As dharma practice deepens, the practices themselves are transformed. Indeed, unless this is happening, we can get stuck.

In Triratna, our system of practice is a dynamic mandala of five principles. We progressively integrate mind and body, samatha and vipassana, and discover the power of skilful and positive mental states. Then, directly penetrating and dispelling our delusions, we open ever-more to the wonder of what is. Thus, at last, we can simply be - be what we truly are.

We're all engaged with these principles in different ways and to different degrees. In this retreat, we'll explore their dynamic and transforming nature, how our meditation and other practices might change as we go deeper and how, as the Buddha promise, dukkha may come to an end and wisdom and compassion be fully embodied 'for the welfare of the many'.

With Tejananda, Prasadacarin, Viryabodhi and Vanamoksha.

Price: 3850 SEK. (reduced: 2450 SEK, dana price: 4250 SEK). The cost includes a booking fee of 500 SEK, see terms for registration.

Enter the price you'll be paying below. The reduced price is primarily for students, unemployed, retirees and others with low income. If the reduced price is too high for you, or you would need to pay by instalments, contact the centre and we will find a solution. It is important for us that those who want to participate can do so, regardless of their financial situation. If possible, please consider paying a higher price ("dana price"), which allows us to cover both our costs and to give lower prices to those who need.

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