Developing the heart of a Buddha, Sun 24 May 10.30-17.30

Day Retreat with Jayaraja online with the Stockholm Buddhistcentre

This day retreat is open to anyone who has participated in one of the Triratna basic / introductory courses.

This day retreat is an opportunity to come together to explore what it means to develop the warmth, kindness and the embodied wisdom of the Buddha. Being alive to the heart helps us feel more resilient, alive to ourselves and sensitive to others, helping us see what truly matters to live authentically.

The day retreat is lead by Jayaraja who has been teaching meditation and mindfulness for over 25 years. He has a diploma in Gestalt psychotherapy and trained with Marshall Rosenberg in Nonviolent Communication. He is the co-author of two books on play and community building and two books on communication for teenagers. He has trained in Restorative Circles and has studied neuroscience, developmental psychology and trauma. He has also worked with fundraising for Karuna Trust and has been the chairman of Buddhafield. He is known for his playfulness, warmth and depth.

More details about the day when you have booked.

This event is dana based!

Programme for the day
7.30 - Meditation with Viryabodhi
8.30 - Mindful Breakfast (No reading or listening to the radio or music, just being present with yourself and breakfast.)
9.45 - Journaling; make notes to yourself what it means to develop the heart of a Buddha
10.30 - Zoom gathering with Jayaraja (join 10.20 please)
11.45 - On-line tea break
12.10 - Led meditation with Jayaraja
13.00 - Mindful lunch (Just watching the mind in regard to pleasant and unpleasant feelings.)
14.00 - Zoom meeting with Jayaraja with creative / playful exploration
16.00 - Gathering
16.30 - Meditation
17.30 - Finish
(On-line sessions: 10.30-13.00 and 14.00-17.30, with breaks and pauses; the rest is on your own.)

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