Summer Retreat - Buddhist perspectives
A chance to process, contemplate, steer to the deep
29 June-8 July

This retreat is open to all who've done one of Triratna's introduction courses.

Ever wondered what is this thing called Life?

On this years summer retreat at Dharmagiri in the environs of the Dalälven river and surrounding forest, we will look into the nature of life from a Buddhist perspective. To this end we will reflect upon and contemplate our experience in context of the five skandhas; a basic category in Buddhist teaching of the way things are.

The retreat will include vegan food, meditation, ritual, discussion and friendship, with good periods of silence and plenty of time to contemplate the nature of your existence down by the river, walking in the forest, writing by some sunny window, or simple soaking up the sun in the beautiful Dharmagiri garden gazing at the sky.

A chance to process, contemplate, steer to the deep. Find out what truth, wholeness, meaning is for you!

Lead by Guhyavajra with team.

Price: 4950 SEK (reduced: 3150 SEK, dana price: 5350 SEK). The cost includes a booking fee of 500 SEK, see terms for registration.

Enter the price you'll be paying below. The reduced price is primarily for students, unemployed, retirees and others with low income. If the reduced price is too high for you, or you would need to pay by instalments, contact the centre and we will find a solution. It is important for us that those who want to participate can do so, regardless of their financial situation. If possible, please consider paying a higher price ("dana price"), which allows us to cover both our costs and to give lower prices to those who need.

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